Hi, I'm Erin! 👋

Technology Professional 👩🏼‍💻.
Product Owner 📝.
Software Developer 💻.
World Traveler ✈️.
Video Gamer 🎮.
Avid Reader 📖.
Life-long Learner 💡.

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Nashville Film Festival

Nashville Film Festival

A volunteer project I am currently involved with, working with web developers to update the design of the Nashville Film Festival website to better align with their brand and mission, in addition to updating the site security.

We meet once a week for progress updates. We have secured the new design approval based on wireframes the team created. We are currently at the beginning of the implementation stage of the redesign.

I am responsible for gathering requirements by working with the stakeholders, as well as providing them weekly updates as to the project’s progress thereby ensuring the project remains on track.