Hi, I'm Erin! 👋

Technology Professional 👩🏼‍💻.
Product Owner 📝.
Software Developer 💻.
World Traveler ✈️.
Video Gamer 🎮.
Avid Reader 📖.
Life-long Learner 💡.

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Nashville Software School Cohort 12 Class Website

Nashville Software School Cohort 12 Class Website

Github repo: https://github.com/nss-day-cohort-12/nss12-class-website

Purpose: Create a class website for NSS cohort 12 to showcase school work to potential employers before Demo Day.

My Contributions: Initial repo and site setup, helped construct individual modals, group photo swap behavior, and overall project organization.

Description: I was team lead on the creation of our class website. I coordinated the project’s parts to ensure each part was completed and merged with the whole project successfully and saw the project through from vision to completed product.