Hello All! We’re working hard to get our third episode (Episode 2) edited and finalized to release. In the meantime, we’d like to share our experience from BarCamp Nashville 2017 this past weekend.
Erin, Dave, and Jason finally got together in person for the first time at the BarCamp Nashville 2017 Conference, which was hosted at Nashville Software School this year. BarCamp Nashville is a free, annual “unconference” that brings together the local tech community to explore, share and connect. There are sessions to attend, connections to be made, and plenty of good information to be shared by all.
The JDT crew setup with Beej from the Complete Developer Podcast at their sponsor table. We met many interesting and insightful individuals in the Nashville Tech Community.
One of the main highlights from BarCamp, was that the JDT crew signed up to interview various individuals from Nashville’s Tech Community - BarCamp attendees, speakers, and volunteers - for BarCamp’s podcast.

Below are links to each of the interviews conducted by Erin, Dave, Jason, and Beej.

There are other interviews from BarCamp to listen to as well. As always, we hope you find the content insightful, beneficial, and entertaining. Feel free to leave us feedback, and until next time, happy learning!

This blog post was originally posted on JuniorDeveloperToolbox.com on Oct. 4, 2017. Authored by Erin Orstrom.

Hero image from BarCamp Nashville 2017.