This blog post has been a long time coming! I have been meaning to revamp my website by giving it a new design and ability to host blog posts for over a year now. After Dave and I stopped producing the Junior Developer Toolbox podcast, I knew I still had more to say and wanted to continue to help others along their journey. But there are also other topics I have thoughts and ideas to get out into the world - general career, travel, and dating being just a few examples. The quarantine due to COVID-19 has provided me the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to update my website.

Keep in mind, the site is a work in progress, and I’m not a natural at design. There are several things I need to fix and enhance on the website, like adding the ability to add comments on blog posts and pagination for blog posts as well, but I figured it was more important to be able to deploy the site successfully before I spent too much time tweaking the design and content. That’s the whole spirit of Agile, right? Get something out there in front of people that they can use/view and provide feedback on so you can iterate and improve upon the product. I tend to strive for perfection, but as Winston Churchill said “perfection is the enemy of progress.” If we waited for things to be perfect before launching them, they’d never get launched.

I plan on my next blog post being on how I successfully converted my site from what it was to use Hugo, because it ended up being an unnecessarily painful and lengthy process. But it was so rewarding once I finally figured it out and got it to work. 🎉

I am still trying to find what my niche should be - any popular blogger, vlogger, or successful business person will tell you that you find more success by having a narrow focus, but no one said a little variety was out of the question, right? Having a platform to get my ideas onto the interwebs and interact with others is my current goal, and we’ll see what happens from there.

I may end up changing my mind down the road and switching to WordPress or Squarespace for ease of use, depending on how complex the needs of my site get, but for now I’ve found that Hugo is a great, simple alternative (once you get used to it!) with a theme that’s easy to tweak to fit my needs.

So bear with me on the beginning of this new journey. I hope to work up to one post a week on a variety of topics, whatever strikes inspiration for me that week.

Until next time, be safe and be well!

Hero image from my November 2019 Belize trip.